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We are domain experts and problem solvers who are passionate about creating new value for our clients. We thrive in the space between vision and action, tech and sales, design and development.

Kodeson was founded in Vienna in 2015.

We aim to provide expert IT solutions for the European market.

We specialize in product development, outstaffing, and sales outsourcing.

Our leadership team

Meet our leadership team: they are the ones driving the ship and ensuring that every day is a great one for all of us. More important is the team behind them: dedicated and super smart professionals whose number one job is to turn customers into fans.

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Artiom Cebanu

Co-founder, Managing Director

Vitali Chebanu

Co-founder, CEO

Dorian Bujor

Co-founder, VP of Business Development

Our partners

Finhub Capital is an independent investment fund in Luxembourg with a crowdfunding platform extended in the UK. The platform has projects from all around the world, with the main focus on the DACH market.

Anders Capital is a financial consulting company. Its main focus is on projects in manufacturing, energy, construction, development, jurisprudence, and others. It provides financial, development, or managerial resources.

Our locations


Beatrixgasse 27-2-29, 1030 Wien, Austria
+43 141 701 33


Hradištná 1524/19A Svätý Jur 900 21
+42 191 023 9888

United Kingdom

Dept 4221a 43,
Owston Road, Carcoft, Doncaster, England
+44 777 001 2635


Albișoara 4,
Chișinău 2001

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+43 141 701 33

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